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inspired patterns ~ holiday

Mar 14, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   Patterns  //  No Comments

We may barely be stepping into the sunshine of Spring, but in this next installment of Inspired Patterns I’m sharing with you some Holiday-inspired patterns which have been used for various gift wrap and Holiday Stationery.

The following were designed using a single decorative motif arranged in various configurations to create a distinct pattern for each.

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves }

inspired patterns ~ travel

Mar 13, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   Patterns  //  No Comments

You all know I don’t hide my love for Paris, France. It’s one of my favorite cities in the World, if not my favorite. Well, taking inspiration from its most iconic structure, I created the following patterns.

Stay tuned for my Holiday-inspired pattern designs tomorrow.

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves }

inspired patterns ~ art nouveau

Mar 12, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   Patterns  //  No Comments

Welcome to a new week. I hope you are recovered from that missed hour early Sunday morning. Time for some Daylight Savings…what ever that means.

Today I want to share with you a few pattern designs I’ve created.

This first batch (of quite a few I’ll be sharing throughout the week) is inspired by one of my favorite Art History movements, Art Nouveau.

These were all designed as inspiration for this popular Art Nouveau-inpsired Wedding Invitation; you’ll recognize the two patterns above from it.

These last two (above and below) were inspired by Art Nouveau Jewelry as well, but were not as intricate as we wanted them for the Wedding Invitation.

Stay tuned for more examples of my decorative pattern designs. Tomorrow, creations inspired by one of my favorite cities…can you guess which one it is? (hint: the city glimmers in the night.)

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves }

50th anniversary invitation

Aug 11, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   Social Invitations, Patterns  //  1 Comment

I shared the creation of a few Mexican tile-inspired patterns here and the final designs I would use for my in-law’s 50th anniversary celebration invitations here, but below are the images I shot of the final invitation sets which were mailed to the guests a few weeks ago.

Their actual anniversary isn’t until next March, but the celebration will be in a few weeks. A logo with their names and wedding years was created to be used on the front of the invitation and address label.

A different motif was created as well with the celebration date to be used on the back of the invitation and many of the other paper pieces such as favor tags.

From the previous pattern designs four various background designs were created for the invitations, thus each guest would receive one out of four of the designs.

The format of the 50th Anniversary Invitation was long but folded down to a 5″ x 5″ square to fit perfectly in the gold envelope.

These are the four background pattern designs created for the invitations. The colors were a mustard/yellow to match the gold envelope, accompanied by a rich black and accents of charcoal.

Flourishes were designed by taking elements of the various patterns to create a motif which accented the outside of the invitation as well as the address label below.

A crest shape contained the pertinent information for the event and was the unifying design element on all invitations.

For the reception card, which needed to be removable, we used black photo corners to keep it in place. It worked out perfectly, fitting inside the diamond shape created by the patterned background.

And the final touch to this 50th Anniversary Celebration Invitation were the two designs created for the envelope liners. Taking a combination of motifs from all the patterns created, two versions of the the envelope liner were designed unifying all the pattern designs.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

mexican {tile} inspired wedding invitation

Jun 29, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   Social Invitations, Patterns  //  2 Comments

Last Friday I shared with you the patterns I created for a 50th Anniversary Invitation inspired by the venue’s tile motifs, well here I have a sneak peek of the final designs just before moving forward to printing.

As mentioned before, the 50th Anniversary Invitations are for my in-laws, you would think traditional damask motifs, but we wanted to give it a modern touch with sans serif fonts and contrasting bright colors such as yellow and black, which match the gold square envelopes.

The initial concept was to go with a Mad Mex (Mad Men goes Mexican) theme, and we kept in that line with the modern typeface, but aside from that all the other details are derived from the venue’s tile motifs.

There were four tile pattern designs created in total so we decided to go with four variations of the invitation, all with the same crest forms containing the text and the different patterned background.

The reception card, address label and favor tag all have variations of the motifs on them as well, but you’ll have to wait for the final invitation photography to see those. Stay tuned!

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

inspired mexican {tile} patterns

Jun 24, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   Patterns  //  3 Comments

I’ve been busy, busy like a bee this week with a couple Wedding Invitations (both with a Frank Lloyd Wright/Arts & Crafts twist) and a 50th Anniversary Invitation.

Well, the 50th Anniversary Invitation just so happens to be for my in-laws, who will celebrate the grand event in an elegant, circular ballroom dating back to the 1930’s in Ensenada, Mexico. Of course, I was inspired by the traditional tile work and mosaics which surround the venue, which used to be a Casino & Hotel in its prime and later a military fort during WWII, so I took to sketching, and later digitizing, these gorgeous patterns which I will use throughout the Invitation Suite.

I’ll keep you posted on the final invitation soon, but for now enjoy these Mexican-inspired tiles and patterns.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

e-inspired pattern + invitation

Apr 21, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Social Invitations, Patterns  //  No Comments

I was designing a quick invite yesterday for a series of jewelry parties a friend will be hosting soon. She wanted something simple but with a decorative motif.

I immediately started playing around with letters to create a pattern I could use as the decorative element. My friend’s name starts with the letter ‘e’ so it was easier than usual to instantly get some ornate motifs (versus using the letter ‘i’). These are a few of the initial icons I created.

This is one of the patterns I created with the icons…

and another.

These are a couple of the invitation comps I created for her. The size fits perfectly 4-up on a letter-size sheet so she will be able to easily print these at home. Very budget-friendly, but with style. Now I just have to wait and see which one she chooses.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

getting to know {me} :: lovely clusters

Apr 14, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer, Invitations, Patterns  //  1 Comment

I am always amazed at the vast universe of blogs that have sprouted in the past few years. You can find one for quite anything you can think of, but just focusing on the ones I like to read and visit, {paper} design, wedding, lifestyle, it boggles my mind to think of the many that I literally stumble upon daily.

While reading one of my many favorite blogs, Oh, hello Friend, I came upon The Lovely Blogger List, sponsored by Lovely Clusters, and I thought, “what a great way to have bloggers from all over world meet and get to know one another!”. Well, here’s my short introduction.

{ my temporary work station }

Hello, I am Lizelly, a graphic designer from San Diego, CA in LOVE with anything paper related. I create paper ephemera which includes invitations, stationery, and greeting cards, and you can view a sample of my portfolio here. Soon I would like to move forward and specialize in textile and surface design.

{ patterns surrounding me :: my collection of half-filled journals }

My free time is spent with my love, Gabriel, enjoying a day at the movies, our favorite restaurant or coffee shop or bookstore, and, of course, always planning our future trips. A weekend cannot pass by without being surrounded by family, acquiring the insight to my Mexican heritage where much of my design inspiration stems from.

{ a sampling of my invitation designs }

I’m also inspired by Architecture, Food, Photography, Art, and Design, which are an integral part of my breathing and creative life. I’m surrounded by them on a daily basis and to live without them would be unimaginable.

{ a sampling of my pattern designs }

Nice to meet you all. :)

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

inspired patterns

Apr 8, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Patterns  //  No Comments

Yesterday I posted some very cool logos/symbols by Bulgarian graphic artist Stefan Kanchev, and I mentioned how I envisioned them combined to create patterns. Well, I just couldn’t help myself and had to play around. These are just three of the designs I came up with.

Inspired by “Denica” logo

Inspired by Balkan Airlines logo

Inspired by The National Opera — Burgas logo

Disclaimer: in no way is it my intention to disregard Mr. Kanchev’s hard work by using his designs for these inspired patterns. On the contrary, it is out of pure admiration and inspiration that I create them with great fondness.

{ Images Inpired by :: Stefan Kanchev }

an art nouveau wedding invitation

Apr 6, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Wedding Invitations, Patterns  //  10 Comments

When I’m designing a new stationery set or invitation suite I’m always inspired by Architecture and/or Art History movements. Last summer I had the privilege of designing a good friend’s Wedding Invitation Suite and when she asked me to do so I was more than excited because I knew exactly the style of design she loved…Art Nouveau.

I’ve known Priscilla since design school and I distinctly remember her love for Alphonse Mucha, so when I started the design process for her invite I immediately grabbed the Art Nouveau history books and sketched and sketched and sketched.

I gathered this visual inspiration to keep me focused and not wander through all of the various motifs found in Art Nouveau. The elongated text layout in this invitation suite was of great inspiration.

After initial comps for the overall design, I created a logo which would be used on the main invitation and throughout various Wedding accessories.

The final pattern design was used as a background on the invitation and RSVP, but elements of it were also used through out the Wedding Invitation Suite, such as the Thank You cards.

For the actual Invite Suite we wanted to create something decorative yet un-traditional so we chose an elongated shape which fit into a #10 policy envelope giving it the modern touch.

The RSVP was laid out with the same format but shorter.

When folded and kept closed with a belly band, both the invitation and rsvp fit snuggley into the envelope.

The color palette was decided upon by the Bride from the beginning, and it was the perfect choice for that modern touch. In the case of the invitation, the frame is teal and the background is purple.

The RSVP used the same colors but in a switched version, where the frame is purple and the background pattern is teal.

In keeping with a sleek and modern feel, I decided to use a shimmery, silver envelope. Address labels decorated with elements taken from the original pattern design added to the over all look and kept the envelope closed.

These wrapped around to the back of the envelope.

Visit the LizzyB Loves website for more images of this Art Nouveau Wedding Invitation Suite.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

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