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mexican-inspired wedding day elements

Jan 25, 2013   //   by lizzybloves   //   Wedding Invitations, Wedding Stationery  //  8 Comments

The beautiful Mexican Tile Pattern Motifs can truly be transformed into many elements to be used through-out your Wedding Celebration. Monday and Tuesday I shared the various invitation options created all from one initial design. Today I’d like to share the day-of elements and extras, such as Save the Dates and Thank You Cards, which were also designed for many of the lovely brides.

Let’s start off with the Save the Date postcard created for a Wedding which is very close to happening! April, the bride-to-be, had already decided on using the Mexican tile-inspired Wedding Invitations and wanted to use some of the elements in a vintage-feeling postcard to give her guests an idea of what was to come.

We created a custom return address stamp as well as a motif corner stamp for the front of the envelope. April would later have the envelopes hand addressed to keep with the rustic feel.

Some examples of day-of items include escort cards and menus. All these items were for three different brides, thus the various colors, but you can tell the tile pattern motifs were used through-out in varied shapes and sizes.

Don’t you wish you were sitting at the dinner table at one of these lovely events just by reading the menu?! Believe me, I get very hungry laying these menus out. =)

The Wedding Program is a very important Wedding Day element as well. Here you can see two different formats: a 4-page booklet and a paddle-fan wedding program.

The Paddle-fan Wedding Programs are perfect for warm-weather events any time of the year!

And the most important element of a Wedding Invitation Suite, after the main event has passed, is the Thank You Card of course!!

Here you can see a few variations: two folded card options each with various Mexican Tile Pattern Motifs on the front and back of the card, and a single notecard which the Bride would use to leave sweet notes for her guests in welcome packages.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this run-down through the Mexican tile-inspired Wedding Suite. I hope to continue with many more variations of this lovely design, and many more to come!

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves }

mexican wedding invitations

Jan 21, 2013   //   by lizzybloves   //   Wedding Invitations, Wedding Stationery  //  13 Comments

This past year has been a whirlwind of creation. Many lovely brides fell in love, aside from their soon-to-be’s, with the Mexican tile-inspired Wedding Invitation. I thought I’d share with you the many iterations this lovely design took: many colors, many tile design choices, modern/traditional variations, and of course the Wedding Day paper items and Wedding Thank You Cards that came from it too. Today I’ll share the invitation itself.

This version of the invitation was the first created and included two Mexican Tile design variations as well as two languages.

As you can see from this version, the color options are endless, especially with the various Mexican Tile designs available.

In this version the colors were more muted and closer to the initial Mexican Tile pattern design I created based on the original venue. Taya shared her inspiration on Engaged & Inspired.

I’ll give you a peek at the Day-of paper elements and extras throughout the week, but as you can see in the image above, Taya’s Mexican Tile Wedding Invitation Suite included a reply card with menu option icons as well as a rehearsal dinner mini-invitation and reply card in one!

For this most recent design the Mexican Tile Design took a more modern feel with the bright pops of yellow and turquoise. Of course, all inspired on the vibrant colors found throughout Mexican architecture and very well documented in my visual + sparkles = inspiration and visual + sparkle = colors.

These are all just but a small part of the Mexican tile-inspired Wedding Invitation Suites created through-out the last year; all keeping with the same format and Mexican tile designs. On Wednesday, I’ll share with you a couple variations of the design in a simplified, flat version, but still keeping the lovely tile inspiration in yet more vibrant color options!

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves }

squirrel birth announcements

Apr 20, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   Birth Announcements  //  No Comments

Hi there, and happy Friday!! I shared with you the baby shower invitations and decor in December, but now I give you the Squirrel Birth Announcements for the cutest little dumpling.

I present to you my darling niece Sophia Francesca Meza, daughter to the very talented duo Photographer Paulina Merekiova and Designer & Animator Alx Meza.

We wanted to keep the same design as the baby shower invitation and decor, but changed the format into a square accordion fold so it would be easy for grandparents to display on the mantle.

The type treatment for the copy is the same as the shower invitation, but of course changing the wording to reflect the sentiment of the announcement.

…and the beautiful photo, of course by the momma herself.

It’s all in the details, so we added an envelope liner with the baby’s name centered on it.

an arts & crafts wedding :: the extras

Sep 2, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   Wedding Stationery  //  No Comments

As promised, the freshly shipped Arts & Crafts Extras comprising of thank you cards, place cards and table numbers, which finalize the Wedding Invitations I shared with you on Monday.

Taking inspiration again from the Gamble House architecture, I designed a structural placard which you might find at the house in the Arts & Crafts style.

The table numbers were placed inside frames so they were single-sided, and the place cards were a folded tent with the table number on the back side (you can see in the left-top corner of the second image above).

The back side of the thank you cards had the same logo as found on the Wedding Invitation. A metallic charcoal envelope with its accompanying address label finishes this Arts & Crafts Wedding Invitation Suite nicely.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

sending good cheer {minted} holiday challenge

Jun 1, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   Holiday Stationery, Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere  //  No Comments

I’ve been busy, busy, busy this past Holiday weekend finalizing designs for this year’s Minted Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge. I’m happy to say that after all that hard work, long nights, and 24 hours without sleep for the final run, two of the nine designs I submitted were accepted for the voting round!! Yey!!

I spent many hours sketching, tracing, and tweaking some very elaborate Papel Picado designs (which you can see below) for this Holiday Challenge, and its funny to see that the designs I created towards the end of the process, the most simple and minimal, are the ones that made it to the voting round. I do think this is my favorite though!

Here’s the second design that made it into the finals. A simplified Christmas Tree formed into my interpretation of a snowflake. Again, simple and minimal…clean.

{ Framed by Papel Picado }

These are the other options I submitted to the Holiday Challenge. Ahhhh, my Papel Picado…

{ Scalloped Papel Picado }
{ Festive Papel Picado Garland }
{ Zig-Zag Tree }

This zig-zag design was my second modern take on a Christmas Tree…I thought it would have made it in.

{ Triangular Wreath }
{ Geometric Wreath }
{ Baby’s First Christmas }

There were many fabulous designs submitted for this Sending Good Cheer Holiday Challenge. I’ll share my favorites with you tomorrow.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves on Minted :: LizzyB Loves on Minted :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves :: LizzyB Loves }

get ready for some {minted} shopping

Oct 5, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Holiday Stationery, Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere  //  No Comments

It’s time to get shopping for your Holiday cards!! How ’bout you get some ‘picture’ cards this year? I know of some awesome ones you can get your hands on…try shopping on Minted.

This years Minted Holiday Cards are ready for you to personalize…remember these proofs I showed you a while back, well, you can now shop for this one on Minted, how great is that!!?

Aren’t these additional pieces the cutest? They look so cool together.

This Yearline™ option is very cool to keep your family informed of what you did during the year.

And you have a couple color options to choose from.

If you click on the link to the right (top right) you’ll get 10% off your order…how great is that!! Thanks for everyone’s support during the challenge…look, I’m on Minted. :)

{ Images Via :: Minted }

she has arrived

Jul 27, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Birth Announcements  //  No Comments

Good morning all. Today I have for you a LizzyB creation, something I haven’t shared in a while. About a month ago I shared with you some holiday card designs I created for the Minted Holiday Challenge, of which one was inspired by this Birth Announcement I designed for my good friends’ new baby, who was born just a week ago.

This was a simple and sophisticated folded card which she could use to place the newborn’s image in the space provided inside the scalloped frame. I chose a soft, metallic, rosy color palette for the card and envelope, and accented with light aqua and brown. The script typeface gives it a touch of elegance, yet the sans serif Universe font keeps if modern.

The inside shows the pertinent information surrounded by the same scalloped frame as in the front, with a lined banner serving as a background.

As a small detail in the front, I placed the month and year of her birth beneath the frame.

I also designed a personalized gift wrap using Zoe’s, the newborn, initial as a motif and creating a pattern. I played around with placement and color to create interesting shapes.

And here’s the wrapped birth announcements. I used the same scalloped frame as a label for a special message for the new parents. Congratulations Jazmine & Christian on your new arrival…a lovely sister to Anette!

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

and we’re on to the {minted} finals

Jun 17, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Holiday Stationery, Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere  //  No Comments

Hi Everyone, I promise I won’t be giving you a play by play on the rundown for the first Minted Challenge I enter, but I’m so excited to say that two of my designs have advanced to the finals…Yay!!!

Thanks to all who voted to keep me in the running. Now, you can go back and vote…again. :) This time it’s for the winning! Just click on the images above.

These are a few of my favorite designs from some of the other great Minted Designers.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves :: Minted }

give me some more mint{ed}

Jun 10, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Holiday Stationery, Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere  //  No Comments

Boy, this challenge sure ran long, but the deadline truly crept up on me. Today is the last day for submissions and these are a few more that I uploaded. I’m very non-traditional and like things modern, so I kept with the block text on this one while still using semi-traditional colors (because they asked for it).

This is my favorite of them all…Framed Sweetness. I based it on a Baby Announcement I just created because I liked it so much (I’ll show you that later; it’s a surprise.).

Actually, this is my favorite, too. I like the non-traditional holiday colors and the blurred lights effect…it gives it a snowy feel. And that couple…so sweet!

I’ll keep you posted on when the voting starts.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

on the {minted} challenge

May 24, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Holiday Stationery, Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere  //  1 Comment

Hello all, welcome to a new week. Hope it’s a great one.

I mentioned last week that I’d be participating in the Minted Design Challenge Holiday Card Spectacular, well, I’ve uploaded a few designs…take a look:

Click on the images above or the green ‘vote for me!’ link on the top right to vote for them. If one of my designs wins it will be sold on Minted, how great is that? Well, the $5000 first prize isn’t bad either!! Please, pretty please, pass this link around to everyone and anyone you know so they could vote for me…I sure would love to be on Minted ($5G!!!).

Here’s the link:, or click on one of the specific designs found on that page to post on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll be uploading more designs (I have until the 10th) so check back often. Thanks a bunch and let’s hope I place high!!

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves on Minted }

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