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it’s been three years

Jan 15, 2013   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer  //  No Comments

Yep, it absolutely has flown by SOOO fast!! I had actually forgotten what date exactly, but I knew it was around my birthday (on the 17th)… my blog is now 3 years old!

On January 12th of 2010, the year I would turn 30, I started my personal/design blog. It’s taken a few iterations in these past three years, I’ve shared many things from the beginning, I stopped sharing somewhere in the middle, and towards the end of last year I think I almost stopped posting. But this year I am back, albeit it’s been somewhat scarce these first couple of weeks of the new year, but I promise I will appear here more frequently, with more content from the inner goings-on of Lizzy B Loves, and the inspiration that goes into each design and what I like to create.

I’ve been pretty social via the usual social media outlets, so I hope you follow along: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I’ve even been filling my Pinterest boards over the last couple of years, but I think I’m finally ready to share them with you. Also, for all you lovely brides-to-be, if you’re on the look-out for some fabulous Wedding Inspiration make sure to check out, the absolutely most loveliest images and resources around. And make sure to check out my portfolio and share it while you’re at it!!

I’ve had the privilage of being featured on/and given the opportunity to become a member of some pretty awesome blogs and websites, take a look: 100 Layer Cake, The Grey Collective, Engaged & Inspired, Oh So Beatiful paper, PaperSpecs

These past three years I’ve built Lizzy B Loves from the ground up, with help from family and friends, but most importantly, with the help of all you lovely brides and grooms who have trusted in me to create your Unique Wedding Paper Ephemera!! For that, I thank you very much.

I’ll chat with you soon!

{ Image Via :: Sweetapolita }

so long 2012

Dec 31, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer  //  No Comments

A sampling of my Christmas tree this year…

Although I’m a bit late in bidding you a lovely Christmas, I’m just in time to wish you an extraordinary New Year. In retrospect, this year has been one of new endeavors, growing triumphs, and settling into comfort to be able to open doors to new adventures. I had the opportunity of working with many lovely couples who gave me the joy of being but a tiny little part of their special days. Thank you to every single one of you. May your new lives together be filled with an abundance of joy and growth in life.

…with (unexpected) matching gift-wrapped presents

2012 has come to an end, and we’ve all, THANKFULLY, survived the ‘dreaded’ 12/21 =), so lets celebrate with good cheer and well wishes that this coming 2013 is filled with many riches and fantastic adventures.

Happy New Year to you all!

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves }

mexican wedding invitation on paperspecs

Oct 1, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere, The Bottom Drawer  //  No Comments

For those of you not following Lizzy B Loves on Facebook, I wanted to share some great news via PaperSpecs website.

Earlier in the month I was their featured Paper Inspiration with an awesome video describing our Mexican tile-inspired Wedding Invitation!! Isn’t that great?!! Check it out!

Stay tuned for more great news from Lizzy B Loves, including a new inclusion in CMYK magazine, a future working-collaboration with the most awesome-est company (in which I am completely surrounded by beautiful patterns), a look into this fabulous stencil company (and their beautiful designs), and, just in time for the Holidays, some free downloads for your special get-togethers and gift-giving packaging!!

In just three months we’ll be celebrating the New Year, which brings with it the reflection of the past and the vision of the future, and something I have on the look-out for Lizzy B Loves this coming year is…Etsy, and the sale of many downloadable goodies for all you diy-ers!! Yay!!

Stay tuned.

an oasis in the desert :: a styled shoot

Aug 10, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer, Wedding Invitations  //  1 Comment

Hi there everyone. I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen me around here, but hopefully you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter where I share snippets into the goings-on of Lizzy B Loves.

Well, a good reason for my absence from the blog is this fabulous styled shoot I was invited to be a part of. A couple month’s ago, Gia of Gia Zopatti Wedding Coordination + Event Design invited me to collaborate with other fabulous Wedding Industry creators to make her vision of an Oasis in the Desert come to life. I, of course, was in charge of the paper goods, which I was inspired to design by Georgia O’Keeffe and her beautiful watercolor flowers.

I added a few Mexican flourishes to the design, with touches of watercolor strokes in the chosen color palette of tinted pinks, yellows, and turquoise. As an interesting note, Gia just provided an image of a bouquet as inspiration for color and feel of the shoot, and it was great to see when we all arrived with our creations that everything coordinated perfectly!!

Take a peek at some of the other images shot by very talented photographer Leylla Badeanlou of Imagery with Impact Photography. She truly added her own touch to every scene.

And the beautiful floral design was by Kien of SignatureK Events & Flowers. I had the privilege of taking one of the floral arrangements home with me and they adorned my dining room for quite a while.

And of course many thanks to Stephanie and Glenn, our models, as well as Monica Garcia, the fantastic Make-up Artist of Makeup Artistry, for making Stephanie even more beautiful than she already is.

Make sure to visit Leylla’s blog for more of this…Oasis in the Desert!

Full Credits
Design: Gia Zopatti
Photography: Leylla Badeanlou, Imagery With Impact
Paper Goods: Lizelly Cisneros, Lizzy B Loves
Florist: Kien Nguyen, SignatureK Events & Flowers
Makeup: Monica Garcia, Makeup Artistry
Models: Stephanie de la Cruz and Glenn A.
Rentals: Pow Wow
Necklace: Ella Joy
Fine Jewelry: Incendia Diamonds

a surprise gift of visual excitement

May 16, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer  //  2 Comments

I received the most thoughtful gift yesterday. Out of the blue, my friend Melissa, from college, calls me and tells me she has a present for me. I was surprised, as it was not my birthday, nor am I a Mom, yet, to receive a Mother’s day gift, so I was delightfully intrigued and set up a time to meet for coffee and a chat. THIS is what I got:

Well, from the moment I saw the cover I was immediately taken a-back. I was filled with such joy, like a little girl getting the doll she’d always seen in the store front. If you’ve read any of my posts, or at least seen any of my work on this site, you know that I am absolutely in LOVE with anything having to do with patterns and textures, so to receive this book so unexpectedly was truly a delight.

Now, the story does not stop here. As Melissa was excitedly explaining to me how she came upon the book (which I’ll tell you in a bit) and who the author was (an American living in Marrakesh with her Architect husband) I was instantly transported to a blog post I had read on Prêt à Voyager a couple years back. Yes, I said TWO years back. For some reason, the story she was telling me resounded in my mind and I was filled with a sense of familiarity, as if I had heard of this person before. I mentioned this to her and said I’d look it up, but I wasn’t expecting to find that the person she was telling me about and the one I read about years before were one in the same.

You have to understand that it has been two years since I learned of Maryam Montague, her, and Peacock Pavilions through Anne’s blog. I saved the link to the hotel in hopes I’d visit one day, but I’ll be honest in saying that I recently deleted it while cleaning my bookmarks knowing I wasn’t going to visit anytime soon. I actually took Morocco and a future trip out of my mind, so, to unexpectedly have this book land in my hands is completely a full-circle-moment, especially given the circumstances as to how Melissa came in contact with it.

It turns out that she works with a close friend of Maryam, with the company that actually painted/stenciled some of the designs in their Peacock Pavilions home. During a special book signing event at Melissa’s workplace here in San Diego, she spoke to Maryam about me and the work that I do and decided to have the book autographed especially for me. Now, you tell me if that is not the most thoughtful friend, and the most thoughtful gift…and, indeed, a full-circle moment!

Without knowing of the existence of this book, it will come to be one of the most precious additions to my design library. Surely, I will keep Marrakesh forever in my mind from now on, yearning to visit soon and basque in the sun through the olive groves of Peacock Pavilions.

{ Images Via :: Lizzy B Loves of Marrakesh By Design by Maryam Montague }

lizzy b loves goes social

May 15, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   Lizzy B ~ Elsewhere, The Bottom Drawer  //  No Comments

Yey!! We’ve finally made the leap into full social-media force. Thank you to all who have ‘Liked Us’ on Facebook!

Now, head on over to Twitter and follow us @LizzyBLoves. If you do, you’ll be getting a unique glimpse behind the scenes of Lizzy B Loves: from inspirations I find around the neighborhood (North Park), to any goings-on in the Lizzy B Loves studio, to sneak peaks of projects in progress. Who knows, maybe an unexpected deal will show up just for our Twitter followers.

While you’re at it, make sure to follow us on Instragram, too @lizzybloves. You’ll get up-to-the-minute visuals and insight into the Lizzy B Loves life!

a new lizzy b loves look

Mar 5, 2012   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer  //  No Comments

Welcome to the new Lizzy B Loves! It’s been many years in the making, but the new website/blog is finally ready for its unveiling.

With a new logo and icon to differentiate Lizzy B Loves from the grand array of Wedding Invitation & Social Stationery Designers, the new website and blog will be home to an assortment of visual + sparkles, Lizzy B Loves take on inspiring visual boards as well as the popular color palettes. While we continue to polish each and every feature of the site, we will be showcasing our Invitation designs under the ‘Collection’ category. Here you can get inspired through the diverse designs of patterns and motifs which make Lizzy B Loves one of a kind.

Coming in the near future we will have an assortment of ready-designed Invitation Suites where you’ll be able to choose the most appealing to you and change the color to fit your needs. For now, if you see an invitation you like and would like to make it your own, send us an email via the Contact page. We’d be glad to work in collaboration with you to make the design uniquely yours.

We’ll also have a complete section under ‘Need To Know’ with important information you may find useful in the planning of your big event. For now, you can find a description of our Paper Selection and Printing Options.

Stay tuned for more from Lizzy B Loves.

busy, busy, busy…

Jun 30, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer, Wedding Invitations  //  No Comments

I just received many packages in the mail this week, from printed invitations, to envelopes, to many other goodies.

It’s been a busy week here at LizzyB Loves. It’s so exciting to see the collaboration between Soon-to-Wed couples and myself come to fruition in the form of their printed invitations!!

One of my favorite parts of the paper goods production process is the straight edges of a freshly cut stack of paper/cards…Love It!

Call me a paper geek, but it was always my favorite task when I worked at an in-house design studio/print shop…and luckily, that duty was always left for me.

And here’s yet another teaser of the Arts & Crafts-inspired Wedding Invitation. I promise I’ll share the completed suite with you next week.

This is an updated version of the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Wedding Invitation I designed a few months ago and shared here. It has inspired elements from the venue’s architectural motifs to give it a more custom feel.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

what i’ve been up to

Jan 11, 2011   //   by lizzybloves   //   The Bottom Drawer  //  No Comments

I had mentioned last year that I was starting a Printmaking class…well, it was pretty interesting to learn about the various techniques used in centuries past to create what we so easily create now with digital media. A true eye-opening experience. Here is a sneak peek into my creations while I finalize the photography of the actual pieces:

Lithography – this was my favorite process. I started out using simple, one-dimensional designs just to try out the technique, but WOW did I learn that you can go in so many directions. Igor Koutsenko is one of my new favorite artists which I discovered through the class and he has some fabulous work you can check out here. I’m anxious to try out a few new designs of my own; I’ll keep you posted.

Etching – Now this was a long and laborious process, probably my least favorite of all, but it was surely a learning experience in self-discipline.

Collagraphy – This was another of my favorite techniques as well. A fun and mind-boggling process, it’s fun to put the pieces together and see something arise on to the thick paper straight off the press.

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

getting to know {me} :: lovely clusters

Apr 14, 2010   //   by lizzybloves   //   Invitations, Patterns, The Bottom Drawer  //  1 Comment

I am always amazed at the vast universe of blogs that have sprouted in the past few years. You can find one for quite anything you can think of, but just focusing on the ones I like to read and visit, {paper} design, wedding, lifestyle, it boggles my mind to think of the many that I literally stumble upon daily.

While reading one of my many favorite blogs, Oh, hello Friend, I came upon The Lovely Blogger List, sponsored by Lovely Clusters, and I thought, “what a great way to have bloggers from all over world meet and get to know one another!”. Well, here’s my short introduction.

{ my temporary work station }

Hello, I am Lizelly, a graphic designer from San Diego, CA in LOVE with anything paper related. I create paper ephemera which includes invitations, stationery, and greeting cards, and you can view a sample of my portfolio here. Soon I would like to move forward and specialize in textile and surface design.

{ patterns surrounding me :: my collection of half-filled journals }

My free time is spent with my love, Gabriel, enjoying a day at the movies, our favorite restaurant or coffee shop or bookstore, and, of course, always planning our future trips. A weekend cannot pass by without being surrounded by family, acquiring the insight to my Mexican heritage where much of my design inspiration stems from.

{ a sampling of my invitation designs }

I’m also inspired by Architecture, Food, Photography, Art, and Design, which are an integral part of my breathing and creative life. I’m surrounded by them on a daily basis and to live without them would be unimaginable.

{ a sampling of my pattern designs }

Nice to meet you all. :)

{ Images Via :: LizzyB Loves }

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